We believe that successful health care systems of the future will keep people well rather than respond to poor health. Eating well and being physically active help to manage weight, prevent and manage chronic disease, promote positive mental health, keep people out of hospital and most importantly, support living well in our communities over the long term. 

Our goal is to reorient primary health care services and systems to focus on healthy lifestyles and healthy environments.

How does diet change after diabetes?

Have you ever wondered why some people find it easy to improve their eating & others find it hard? My team is following a large group of people who recently found out they have Type 2 Diabetes to find how we can more support to those who need it.

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Dietitians working in Primary Care

Primary care is the most common setting for dietitians to work in. Our program of work is supporting dietitians to provide high quality services in a sustainable way by developing quality frameworks, innovative workforce models and the first national benchmarking exercise.

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NutriCare is a practical support bundle that helps doctors & nurses integrate nutrition into routine care. My team developed NutriCare with funding from the National Health & Medical Research Council. It has been praised for its feasible, supportive approach & is FREE for use.

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NutComp is a validated survey that assesses health professionals’ knowledge, skills & attitudes about nutrition care. It has been used in several countries to examine doctors, nurses, dietitians, physiotherapists, personal trainers & medical students. Use it in your workplace or research.

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