Nutricare Resources


NutriCare involves six resources that were made to overcome the most common barriers to GPs and nurses discussing nutrition with patients: lack of nutrition knowledge, lack of time and competing priorities in consultations.The six resources are FREE and available for use immediately.

The resources can be used all at once for maximum support, or alternatively can be selected from the list based on the needs of your staff.

1. Video for patients – to be shown in the waiting room

2. Video on nutrition for GP and PNs – to be played at a staff meeting

3. Text message – to be sent to patients before arriving at the clinic

4. Wall poster – to be printed and placed on the wall in the consulting room

5. Desk cards – to be placed on the desk of the GP or nurse

6. Patient handout – to be given to patients upon arrival at the clinic


How do I find out the needs of my staff?

If you are unsure which NutriCare resources would be suit your practice, please encourage your staff to complete this 5-minute survey. It will assess their nutrition-related knowledge, skills and attitudes and the results will be sent to us anonymously. We can then use this information to give you advice about which NutriCare resources you should prioritise in your clinic.

How will I know NutriCare is helping my staff?

We recommend canvassing your staff’s current practices via a short survey, chart audit or informal interviews to understand the current state of nutrition within your clinic. There are several tools available and our team can work with you before you start using the NutriCare resources.

I think I need more help, can you visit me?

I want to help all GPs and nurses in nutrition and would be delighted to help your clinic use the NutriCare resources. Please contact me on to arrange this additional help.